Cartoon books and Comics

From concept to full production, we develop, write and design your book collection.

A few Portfolio examples include:

1) “The Whole Grain Team” for General Mills. Developed to promote the whole grain advantage in cereals. The WHOLE GRAIN team operate a secret lab, located 50 feet under a field of Whole Grain Wheat. The WG team uses “Whole Grain Energy” to fuel high-tech gadgets they invent in order to help the Chief of Police solve unsolvable mysteries. Each exciting book has a message integrated into the story teaching children simple ways to lead a healthy life.

2) “The Adventures of YOCO” book collection, developed for Nestle yogurts. These 3 books promoted a passion for eating YOCO yogurts within the stories; In one of the books, YOCO Yogurt is found to be one of the ingredients to complete an invention that a scientist in the book worked on for years and could never complete. Our Main character accidentally spills his YOCO yogurt into the potion causing a breakthrough of the century.

3) The Eco Stars book teaches children why conserving water is so important and how it affects our relationship with our neighbors and everyday living.

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