If you have a clear idea of what you want for a logo or are just re-vamping an old logo, the “BASIC LOGO DESIGN” is the one to purchase.

Once ordered, we go through the following steps:
1) Gathering all the details about your concept, colors, look, etc.
2) We will submit an array of sketches based on your concept – until you fall in love with 1 sketch.
3) Develop the logo based on the sketch you love.
4) When approved, we finalize it with shadows and deliver different sizes and types of files for use online and in printing.

We dedicate up to 13 hours of effective development to produce this product.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 20 days (based on 24 hour response time from client.)

NOTE: While developing the logo, if you want to see other versions in color form or pursue other ideas once we already start developing a chosen idea, you can always upgrade to the Standard Logo and pay the difference between the two.


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