Voice Over – Make your Characters Talk!

This option ADDs a Voice Over to your Video. If you want your character / characters to TALK in the video, please select this option.

By adding this option we will assist you in selecting, hiring and recording talent to be your Brand Character’s voice in a video.

  • If you do not have a voice over already recorded, please select the number of voice over actors you will need.┬áThis price includes:
  1. Scouting, hiring and recording the artist.
  2. Payment for the Voice Over actor, you will not need to pay them separately.
  3. Animating the character TALKING. Each characters gets up to 21 words, approximately 3 sentences of animated talk.
  • If your character has more than 21 words / 3 sentences, please ADD “Talking Options” from the drop down menu when selecting your options.
  • If you want your characters to SING, please select “Singing Options” from the drop down menu.(RECORDING OF SONG AND SINGING IS TO BE SUPPLIED BY CLIENT.)


These services are only available at these prices if accompanied by paid animation projects.

Up to 12 hours of work per category (Voice over recording, voice over animation, voice over singing.)


Need help? Have Questions? Need a customized quote? Please email us at Office@PearlsAndShells.com

Additional information

Voice Over Actor for Characters

I already have a recording, I need a VOICE OVER ACTOR found and recorded

Talking Options

I don't need more than 3 sentences of animation per character, I need up to 9 sentences of animation per character

Singing Options

I don't need any singing, 1 Verse, Whole song, Group Singing


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