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Pearls and Shells is a Fully Comprehensive Brand Development & Creative Studio

We specialize in developing fully customized original content for new brands and existing brandsFrom concept to a "ready-for-print" product; Pearls and Shells develops Everything You Need for use in promoting your business, delivering an educational message or increasing brand loyalty.


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Pearls & Shells was founded by Shelly Perlman in 1996 when she began her career as a Greeting Card Designer, in Stockholm, Sweden. Shelly developed the "Surprise Series", sold exclusively by the Swedish Post Office until 2004.

By 2006, Shelly's cards were being sold in thousands of shops all over Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom - 32 countries to be exact.

Shelly was contracted to write, draw and fully develop books, cartoons and games for Nesquik cereals, Cookie Crisps and other General Mills and Nestle products. 


Today, Pearls and Shells is a Brand Development and Creative Studio for customized content that requires illustrations, original artwork, writing, graphic design & programing, including 2D and 3D animation.

Our customers range from start-up companies, entrepreneurs, book publishers and non-profit organizations to government agencies, AD agencies and multinational corporations.

We also provide Web Design & Programing solutions for companies such as the North American Network Operator's Group, a non-profit comprised of Netflix, Google, Amazon and more.

Headed by Shelly Perlman Kramer herself, our team is fun to work with, original and very personalized in our approach.

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* When placing an order with our Studio, every illustration, design and animation is fully customized, step by step, especially for you, based on your own needs!

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Everything we design is CUSTOMIZED especially for you.

Our Shop has SAMPLES of previous projects, in order to give you an idea of what you can expect when ordering an item, but you are not buying that specific artwork.

You are ordering our SERVICES to Develop, Create, Design or Write Your Product, based on Your needs!

We look forward to working with you