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Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to achieve impressive and attractive products while accommodating their original ideas, style and budget.

Our Story

Shelly Perlman Kramer started as a greeting card designer at age 21, July 1995. Her first series of cards, "The Surprise Series", sold in the Swedish Post Office for 8 consecutive years. By 2006 Shelly had greeting card lines in 32 different countries, working with publishers and distributors all over the world.

In 2007 Pearls and Shells was chosen to develop a series of cartoon books for the famous Nestle YOCO Brand, with 630,000 copies sold as a "collect them all" promotional campaign. This set off a new direction for Pearls and Shells, producing Animated Videos, Promotional Products, Comic books and developing original marketing campaigns for companies worldwide such General Mills International, and more.

Today, Pearls and Shells continues to customize products for publication, distribution and promotional campaigns, including logo design and web / APP development.

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Why Pearls and Shells

There's hidden Awe and Wonder in Everything... My purpose is to bring it to life!

We are surrounded by objects, people and circumstances that we think are as they appear, but they all have other spectrums and other perspectives that will surprise you. I bring those to life. I do that by taking YOUR message, YOUR project, YOUR idea, and showing people the hidden wonder that exists within it.

I don't just design your character, logo or book. I take your idea, your basic message, and bring the hidden wonders about it to life.

Things that you never thought about, in regards to your project, will suddenly appear and happily surprise you.

When you hire Pearls and Shells, you get a design, an animation, an illustration, that leaves people with wonder and awe.


Next Steps...

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