SHEBA Entertainment

Actor and Director Bill Cobbs

Shelly is brilliant in bringing out their personalities, she uses vibrant colors and inviting designs which children love. Her characters are never generic; they always have their own spice, their own spark that makes them different from all the other characters out there.

general mills promotion

General Mills Global Marketing

Mr. Mark Brownell

Shelly’s company designed six original comic books for us each with 56 pages in length . . . The public loved the idea and the project had great success.


Global Human Health Organization

Mr. Otterstrom

Pearls and Shells are some of the best designers you can find when it comes to animation and logo designs. 

I give them my highest recommendation!

nestle logo yogurts square

NESTLE Yogurts

Mrs. Elsa Santos

Shelly not only wrote wonderful, creative and fun stories that are still being talked about to this day . . . This promotion was successful not only for our sales but also had an important role in developing the character and personality of the YOCO mascot.

rex cannon

Neuro Scientist

Dr. Rex L. Cannon

Shelly is a creative and motivated artist. She worked tirelessly to communicate a very complex topic in simple terms with outstanding animations. She went above and beyond expectations and I recommend her without reservation.